Who is Devdeep Tyagi, the journalist, and the man behind the Iceman Alter ego?

If a chance came, I’d live by right next to the Curva Parabolica. All my life! I can stare endlessly at Eau Rouge. 

I’ve been an Ice soldier ever since the 2007 world title reached Maranello courtesy Kimi Raikkonen. Furthermore, when in 2018, Kimi blasted away the-then fastest lap of modern F1 courtesy a 1:19:119, I feel even deeper in love with the ‘Temple of Speed.’

When 25, I walked, truly speaking, the lap of god at Monte Carlo exploring a Senna-esque trance. 

I could spend a lifetime admiring Lara when The Prince at pomp. 

In a sport obsessed by gods, I am happy staring at the greatness The Wall.  

This is the most I’ve talked for I talk less, but write & drive more and often fast! Shenanigans and I don’t know each rather; I identify with simplicity. 

Since 2014, I converted an intrepid love for Formula 1 and Cricket into a professional writing journey that in 2024 will have completed a decade. 

In such time, I’ve written close to 7000 articles across wide reaching and importantly, sense-making publications. 

I’ve written largely – though not only – around these Sports. 

Spheres such as Geopolitics, Foreign Affairs, Popular Culture and Movies also drive the MuckRack-verified writer in me. 


Devdeeptyagi.com is mine, i.e., The Iceman’s attempt at collating my professional journalism journey under one roof, or should I say, Grand Prix! 

Fasten your seat belts, get set! It’s lights out and we’re ready to go!